• Eros Mecanique 9

    • On 15/08/2023


    Hi all, 

    Looking at John Willie BIZARRE magazine, I can feel the difficulties and  the lonelyness he has been through. What a hard and lonely experienced it is.

    EROS MECANIQUE ZINE number 9 is just published since July. I have printed 100 copies.

    100 copies. Only 100. That's so few, and yet it is hard to make it published and to get it known.

    A rare publication. Rare because it does not fit with the standard of our time. It is made by living artists for living artsists, some unknown and never published, all the works published are not wellknown and out of the museum, artgalleries and current art market, those artists are confidential and lonely souls who deserve a great hommage. Because they are animed and passionnated by erotism, curiosa, bdsm and sex. Some ladies or even men are tempted to be models for the first time or to exhibit their beautifull body for the first time. 

    Nobody can reunite them except the zine, nobody will ever collect their art all together. But we do. And we are proud of it.

    So without hesitation I recommend to collect the zine.
    There will be no reprint

    May be one day a global full reprint of all the zines in a single publication, but this is too soon to make a collectible large volume of all the publications. SO enjoy the issues now without hesiitating too much. 20US$, shipping worldwide.

    Eros mecanique 9




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