About Domiane

Born in 1971, French artist Hector Domiane mainly paints nudes and intimate female portraits. He studied art at the Dupperé School of Applied Arts in Paris. His painting mixes the academic nude and a universe revolving around seduction and dreamlike.

His works have been exhibited in Paris, Seattle and at the former Erotic Art Museum in Amsterdam.

Domiane produces retro-futuristic works, which nostalgically mix the erotism of the past and today.

If he mainly uses oil, acrylic or pastels patinated with wax, on wooden or canvas supports, he also appreciates aged-looking supports, weathered by time. He does not hesitate to use inclusions of photos, lace or old papers.

2021, 2022, 2023: Seattle Erotic Art Festival (USA)

2019: Seattle Erotic Art Festival (USA)

2015-2017: Regular exhibitions at the Cabinet des Curieux (Paris)

2014: Seattle Erotic Art Festival (USA)

March 2007: Top Gallery (Nottingham - United Kingdom)

2005: Art du Nude Fair (Espace Champerret - Paris)

October 2004: Galerie Imago (Pensacola - Florida, USA)

2003: Collective exhibition on the Nude - Art et Miss gallery (Paris)

Collective exhibition on Hell - Atelier Z gallery (Paris)

2001: Personal exhibition at L'Atelier Z gallery (Paris)

1996: Young Painting Selection, Salon d'Automne at the Grand Palais (Paris)


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