Eros mecanique 9

Released this summer, the last edition of my zine Eros Mecanique is an hommage to pony girls (and boys of course).

You will find very rare and special underground and never seen art from european artists and from all over the world:

your servant Hector Domiane and his erotomaniac eye, Pious the 15th of the name, the so pretty Cryptic flower, the charming and elegant American duo Declics glissants, the German Petterit aus Berlin, the French so well named Emile Plaisir, Sia Cabanel, Wertham, the talented Vilain Benac and his awesome models Anile Wild and Elle-mod, P7V4, and of course the gorgeous Madame M from Paris and her models.

From the growing community of non conventionnal artists/models/authors/poet and photographers ?
Based in Paris, this zine is edited by Hector Domiane, with artists from all over the world . the curiosa and erotic scene is here with a true passion for authentic art and non censored creation.

Test & taste the issue number 9 of our zine

A must have to collect. It will not be reprinted ever. So this is a collectible rarity to keep with you.

Eros mecanique 9

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